The Cost Of A Shadow

A man in himself, will always want things beyond his reach. Our wants are insatiable and except for a contented soul, such desire will always tilt us on getting more and more. More of this, more of that, more of those: dreams beyond dreams.

However, while it is acceptable to want something more, it is advisable for us to stick to the need-based budget until there is extra cash to foot  unnecessary bills.

Scattered across all social media platforms are mis-informed individuals who believe satisfaction is living large. For obscure reasons, these attention seekers try to live beyond their means. Mounting unnecessary pressure on themselves and feasting on lies, they flaunt fake lives on social media while they scurry offline to make end-meet.

Whenever I come across people like this, I often wonder what they’ve gained faking the obvious. May be more likes or followers. May be more comments, or maybe ‘sensor’ from those who will come for their lives when at gun point they do not measure up to what they’ve portrayed.

Hey dear, before flaunting that fake wrist watch again, ask yourself this question, ”What is the cost of a shadow?”

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