Open Letter To The Governor of the State Of Osun

Your Excellency Sir,


I congratulate you on the successful dissolution of LAUTECH joint ownership. This I believed is in the best interest of the students of this great citadel who have had to spend more than the stipulated time for their undergraduate studies. History will not forget your stand at this time.

Sir, I would have written to you earlier when the news of the dissolution reached my ears, however, I wanted to be sure of what the MOU contained before spilling the ink.

So far, the agreement seemed fair to both sides, and Osun as a state has nothing to lose.

I believe the dissolution is for the common good.

However, I would like to drop a suggestion on what I believed your excellency can look into as pertaining to the structures and the immovable that remain of the LAUTECH College of Health Sciences and LAUTECH Teaching Hospital in Osogbo.

Your excellency sir, I would suggest that instead of turning over LAUTECH College of Health Sciences and the teaching hospital to Uniosun, the state can start a medical university.

The structure currently available belonged to medicine, nursing, and medical laboratory science students of LAUTECH before the dissolution. I would suggest that your excellency turn it into a medical university and erect more structures that would make it possible to offer other courses like Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and other related courses.

This I believe will put the state at the forefront of medical education and development and make her the first state to have a medical university in the country.

With the procurement of additional pieces of equipment and erection of structures in this wise, the state would establish a premier medical university in the country that is geared toward medical education and research.

Uniosun is currently developing her teaching hospital donated by some noble citizens with the interest of the state at heart. I believe her teaching hospital should be ready in no time.

Yours sincerely,

            - Sodiq Oluwafisayo Saberedowo

Post text:

December 11th,2020

By further research, I was informed that Ondo State has a medical university. It is the first in Nigeria and the third in Africa. It was established in 2015.

This means executing this won’t make Osun the first to ply such part. However, Osun can still proceed to be established her medical university.

Turning the abandoned facilities over to Uniosun when we can have a specialized medical university should be the last option to consider.

The state of Osun should not undermine the chance to scale greatness in medical development and research.

Oh! What a great institution this would have been!

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