Beginning from dawn today, citizens in various parts of the country have taken to social media to celebrate the country’s independence anniversary. While some celebrated in joyful glee, others grieved about the country’s present state, citing the memory as nothing to celebrate. Some opined that it is best we divide into fragments while others held on to restructuring, stating that the nation is not beyond repair.

No matter our own side of the story, we all believe that our desires and yearnings are for the common good.

No matter how extreme we believe those calling for exit may have gone, we cannot blame these citizens for their opinions and insatiable quest for cessation. Indeed, the nation, as we all would say, is not in a state the founding fathers forsaw when the clamour for independence filled the air in 1959.

However, the love for a country is best proved in time of adversity, conflict and hardship. These three things best describe our current state as a nation. We can point out a million time a million facts that attest to the untold hardship the nation has experienced in unity. But while it is true that time will fail us to highlight the level of suffering and hardship we have had, it is also true that we can, as a people move on from the oblivion, confusion and frustration of the moment to build an epitome of excellence from the ashes of the ruins.

We can look at the dust and decay of the present state and build a new nation we could call our home. We can look into the sores and wounds we’ve nursed for 60 years and put the healing balm of unity and love. We can, and we must rise at this time in history to build for ourselves a nation of our dream.

We are getting stronger, we are getting better. We are moving forward.

Together @60: Nigeria, no more a Child.

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