Dear Nigerian Youths,

Across our street this day are people who need funds for surgeries, tuition fees, house rents, food and other important things

There are also others who do not have sufficient funds to clear a log of debts.

Sitting across the streets are hungry beggars with plates stretch out anytime we pass by.

Some children even rush at us anytime we step out of buses😔

Homeless, tired, poor and unsure of tomorrow.

Under-age, hungry, dirty, trying to see tomorrow.

Yes, sometimes we pray when caught up in emotion:

”Oh God, how I wish I am rich to help this guys”

Yes, tears roll sometimes.

We just want a better day for everyone.

We wish them well. We want them well.

Sometimes, enraged we blame the government.

True, sometimes, they deserve the blame.


We are also GUILTY




Across our land this day are deluded minds

Misplaced priority

Lack of empathy

And wholesome wickedness.

We are not rich enough to give a dime to help the needy.

Yes, we claim we need help too.


In just 5 hours, out of our insufficiency, we contributed to the $15,000 dollars raised for an evicted BBNaija housemate, Erica.

We are always ready to vote on matters regarding the show.

But, it never occurred to us

how our small amount coupled with others could raise sufficient funds

For a stroke patient,

For a man in need of surgery

For the homeless unsure of tomorrow

Or for students in need of tuition.

Oh! you do not know how much your dime can change the world on the positive side? 🤔


Nigeria today would have been a better place if the youths would do the needful. Placing priorities where they should be.

I won’t be surprise if petrol pump price increases, or if the government impose another neck breaking (tactical measure) to combat whatever….

They can now have a say…

If the youth could out of their convenience raise $15,000 dollars for someone who is not in need.

They can pay for petrol at any fixed or fluctuating price.

Dear Nigerian Youths,

The future of a nation is in the focus of her youths.

Whether positive or negative, we are where we are by choices made.

Past, present, or future.

God has blessed Nigeria.

Let the proof start from your doorstep.

Yours sincerely,


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